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Our vision for the success of TLC and our extended business family transcends the core values of hard work and self-determination. Jack Fallon, TLC’s Founder, President, and Tea Executive Officer, is a former Ford Motor Corporation employee. Since the inception of the company in 1999, our founder has personally committed himself to delivering high-quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our business mission is achieved by providing Independent Business Owners and their customers with a diverse set of products that are easy to sell and healthy to share. Total Life Changes now provides thousands of people, located around the world, with the opportunity to build a brighter future.



Total Life Changes has developed a true sense of family that is shared by our Independent Business Owners, executive staff, and customer service agents. To provide our members with an unlimited opportunity to grow their businesses, we have developed a network of offices located across the world.

Our operations span across more than a dozen countries, yet we work as one team with one dream. TLC’s culturally-diverse customer support team provides the knowledge and market development leadership that brings a fast start to our IBOs’ business success. Our 100k Families initiative has already enabled thousands of our members to share their success stories of business growth and financial independence with their friends and associates.



TLC is the “business home” that Jack built from a garage start-up to a global enterprise! His relentless effort to provide quality products and excellent financial opportunities to others has enabled TLC’s business family to flourish.

Each member of our executive team shares his vision and commitment to the TLC “One Team, One Dream” mindset. Our executives are servant-leaders and instill the values of care and concern throughout the organization. Each of TLC’s customer service agents, warehouse-fulfillment associates, and office managers extend their true commitment to the prosperity and success of our Independent Business Owners.